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BRAVE SHOES is a contemporary footwear brand that was established in 2021 by two passionate women friends who share a common vision for producing high-quality and sustainable shoes. With a commitment to responsible production, BRAVE SHOES designs and manufactures all of its shoes in its home country of Thailand.


At BRAVE SHOES, the focus is on creating footwear that is not only stylish and functional, but also environmentally responsible. To achieve this, the brand draws inspiration from geometric sculptures and fashion in the space age, resulting in unique and innovative designs that are both practical and visually appealing.

What sets BRAVE SHOES apart is its approach to sustainability. The brand considers the lifecycle of every shoe it produces, from the creation of each individual component to the final product. By limiting waste and supporting re-use culture, BRAVE SHOES is making a meaningful contribution to the fight against environmental degradation.


We believe that fashion can be a powerful vehicle for positive change, and our goal is to lead the way in demonstrating that fun, creativity, and sustainability can coexist harmoniously within the world of fashion.



Our vegan leather was made from dead stock polyurethane or fabric. Some of our selected leather is made from agricultural waste such as banana and lime peels in order to support local people employment and reduce agricultural waste in Thailand.


We use recycled rubber soles. Our soles are free from plastic. The sole factory melts a large amount of leftover rubber to regenerate rubber soles.


We use the recycled heels from the closed- loop recycled plastic heels factory.

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